Philosophy & Vision


    Meaning & Philosophy - of Our Company Name & Logo:


    Mantras (words, scripts) and Yantras (physical matter – equipment, printing, sets, artists), both combine together and form “Tantraa”. For us, Tantraa denotes our philosophy of bringing about various inputs and combining them to bring about a desired outcome through our events based on the spelt event objectives. This word has many meanings and a few of them are given below,

    • 1) Tantra is that Asian body of beliefs and practices which, working from the principle that the universe we experience is nothing other than the concrete manifestation of the divine energy of the Godhead that creates and maintains that universe, seeks to ritually appropriate and channel that energy, within the human microcosm, in creative and emancipatory ways.
    • 2) Tantra is a sadhana, a method, a technique or a path that is available in all religions. "an integrative approach to sadhana, with the objective of making the best use of all available resources within and without."
    • 3) Powerful ritual acts of body, speech, and mind.
    • 4) The word "tantra" is derived from the combination of two words "tattva" and "mantra". "Tattva" means the science of cosmic principles, while "mantra" refers to the science of mystic sound and vibrations. Tantra therefore is the application of cosmic sciences with a view to attain spiritual ascendancy.
    • 5) Tantra combines physical, verbal, and mental expressions of each practice, which braid together creating a holistic path of development. The root of the word tantra means to stretch or to continue without a break.


    This word is derived from combining "Events" & "Entertainment". Since all events that we manage may not have an entertainment part (such as conferences, promotions, etc). Thus “Eventainers” sounds more holistic in nature and also comprises all sorts of generic events.

    Philosophy & Logo

    Our philosophy is depicted in "Yantraa" form (physical form) by our LOGO. The various parts that make the logo relate to different aspects in the philosophical context as well as in the Event Management context. They are explained below;

    The Centre : The DOT in the centre represents the soul of our organization and also depicts the employees and partners that empower our company.

    The Triangles : There are 2 triangles at the centre around the DOT. The upright triangle depicts the Male force, while the inverse triangle depicts the Female force. No conception can occur without the combining of these two powerful forces in this world. In events we need both the energies; the male represents the physical and operational aspects while the female represents the creative aspects. Both when rightly balanced bring about the best in terms of the desired outcome.

    The Loops : The three loops are interlocked and form a smooth circuit and become whole. Each of the loops depicts three main areas of event management, namely – Creatives, Artists and Production.

    The Outer Form : This is more like a Yantraa (Physical representation of Mantraa). It is also called a Mandala in Jainism, Buddhism and Hinduism. For us it represents the boundaries within which we have to work on our events such as time, budget, objective and capability and each of these are represented by the 4 corners of the Logo. The three lines which make this boundary are again a mix of three main areas of event management as mentioned above. We believe that these have to be kept in mind from within (mind/plan) and without (physical/venue), to make a success out of any event.

    The Inner Form : This is the area inside the outer boundary of the logo and represents the Event Arena for us. This is where all the aspects of event management are embodied and have to fructify properly, but of course within the confines of the Outer form / corners (Time, Budget, Objective & Capability). This also represents a stage or event venue.